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This is the basic toolkit: Available worldwide.( Based in UK)

These toolkits are only available to visitors of the website, you will not find them available anywhere else. These
are professional tools as used by full time carvers and lettercutters.
Basic toolkit package:
£156 inclusive of tax and postage worldwide
includes access to full online edition
"An introduction to stonecarving"
available directly after purchase.



stonecarving toolkits
These tools will last for years if looked after.The red chisels are tungsten carbide tipped.
The black 'bullnose' is firesharp (tempered steel). The sharpening block is made with diamonds . Nearly all other stone carving kits on the web only contain firesharp chisels and have no means of sharpening them. These are professional tools and will last longer.


 After you've got the hang of your basic toolkit, you may want to invest in this upgrade. It is essential for larger works and sculpture. Contains firesharp punch and claw and a
heavier dummy

£60 inc tax and postage worldwide

tools for stone sculpture
Essential for larger works and sculpture. 

These tools are suitable for anyone over the age of about 16 who has a fairly responsible approach.
Sometimes items may vary, toolkits may come in seperate packages, please allow two
weeks to receive your tools in full. Now you can buy with a cheque, please send order to:
stonecarve toolkits
Old School House
Robin Lane
High Bentham
Nr Lancaster
Phone 015242 62284 if you would like to call in person to buy toolkits.
You will always recieve quality tools, if you are not totally satisfied please email me
or phone my mobile