His Work

 Here is how he sums up his own life in the Preface to the Autobiography:

"A great portion of the first forty years of my life was spent in rambling among the mountains of Cumberland and Westmoreland; or angling for trout in the mountain-streams; in sea-voyages, or in pedestrian exercises in foreign countries: The next forty years mostly at Charing-cross, in close confinement for the greater part of the day, and in such sedentary exercise of the mind as is required of a Secretary of the Admiralty... I may lay claim, however, to some small portion of mental exercise, in addition to, and in the midst of, the routine drudgery of office, by the production of six quarto volumes, four octavos, three or four smaller ones, about a dozen articles in the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica' and close upon two hundred in the 'Quarterly Review', which may, perhaps, be accounted for something in the way of literary labour"

 He was also a (if not the) Founder of the Royal Geographical Society, the RGS, and a member of the ROYAL SOCIETY whose then president was Sir Joseph Banks, the explorer of Australia and a great Naturalist. They were great friends.

This is the insignia of a Baronet.

Here is Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson looking moody before Trafalgar.

And here is Nelson again, setting off for the Battle of Trafalgar -
much more jaunty.
Barrow was famously the last person to shake his hand before he boarded ship.
Barrow was, of course, Nelson's boss.

This is Napoleon,
banished to the island of Elba.
A long long way from anywhere else at all.
Elba was Barrow's idea - Napoleon having
already escaped from St. Helena

Barrow contributed nearly 200 articles on all sorts of subjects
to this,the leading magazine of its day.
He also wrote a great deal for the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  

Just one of Barrow's many books - this one
is still in print. Others were biographies of
famous admirals, and accounts of the expeditions
he sent out - although the Polar volumes aren't
as interesting as those written by the Captains
themselves, Parry for instance.