The Monument
The Sir John Barrow Memorial Monument on Hoad Hill has its own website:
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 The Memorial Monument to Sir John Barrow on Hoad Hill, built in 1850, has a fascinating history all of its own, most ably and throughly covered by ROB DAVID in the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society 2008, "Building 'that best monument': Memorialising Sir John Barrow at Ulverston" from which with his kind permission I am quoting on this page. Thanks also to JEAN & STEVE POVEY for finding this splendid article.

Here is the church showing Hoad Hill before the Monument was built. (picture date unknown)
This is the illustration from the Illustrated London News of May 25th, 1850, showing the
Procession ( marked by hundreds of flags ) winding its way up to the hilltop for the laying of the foundation stone ceremony.
And here's the monument, already built,
being admired by sundry Victorian gentry.
Apparently no opening ceremony occurred,
though no-one seems to know why not.

The inscription above the doorway, photo taken in 2007,
showing the rough state of the walls. The interior contains
lots more curious inscriptions,
mottoes and surprises. Let's hope the restoration
preserves this sense of the unusual.
It is, after all, possibly the world's only pretend lighthouse.

Aha! It's May 24th 2000 and the Monument is
150 years old - Sir John in full regalia is
standing on the very top and lots more
Sir Johns in top hats are abseiling down ...
Just a glimpse of the 2000 procession, going up -
and up-

This and other photos below kindly provided by
John Fox and Sue Gill 

Poster for the astonishing event of the
150th anniversary celebrations,
masterminded by Welfare State International,
Ulverston's own world-class arts
organization, with Peter Huby
at the helm.



Oh what a lovely day ......