Now you can buy your toolkits by credit card over the phone.
You can also send a cheque if you like.
to order online click here

Here are some things to bear in mind before ordering your new tools

These things taken into account, can only help you to form a perspective on what's involved, once you are involved we're sure you'll find the benefits well worth the preparation and effort.

When you buy one of our toolkits you'll get a password (internet address) to access "An introduction to stonecarving" in full . This is more of a general 'how to' guide than a book, half an hours browsing should give you the basics.

These prices may vary, to be sure phone first.

Send your name , full address and a cheque (or money order) for the toolkit you require:
B.I. Crawshaw & Co. Ltd
3 Silverwing Industrial Park, Horatius Way
Croyden, Surrey, CRO 4RU
Tel England (+44) 020 8686 7997
(if phoning from America please phone early in the morning, if phoning from Australia please phone in the evening)
Please see main
toolkits page for international prices and conditions.
Please make your cheque payable to B.I. Crawshaw & Co. Ltd
(cheques can only be accepted if you have phoned to confirm details)

Access/Visa/no problem

If you want us to send your package to someone else, as a gift perhaps. Please let us know.

Tungsten tools are rarely faulty. If any of your tools are faulty when they arrive DO NOT sharpen them, send the tool/s in question back to us. We will replace it/them providing there are no signs of obvious maltreatment. If the parcel was damaged please tell us.

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