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Medium: Masonry paint. Surface: 1960s brick (being the walls of the North-West's first supermarket) (Once voted the town's ugliest building) (So I could do no worse). Location: either side of the "Bodycare Shop", opposite the Chippy Bank, King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria.
Sizes: the Festivals mural is 60 ft x 12 ft high, and the Barrow memorial is 102 x 8 ft high.
The latter took 8 months to research, design, paint and finish. Yes it's grafitti-proofed.

 The four images below show the whole of the 2010 Sir John Barrow Memorial Mural. cut into sections, as the original photo is one enormous continuous strip. This spectacular feat of impeccable photographic patchwork was accomplished by ROBERT SYLVESTER of Askham-in-Furness to whom I take my hat off in awestruck admiration. The definition is perfect, so is the colour, and the whole is beautifully mounted against a cream background with a nicely designed title underneath - a fabulous thing in its own right.

If anyone would like to use these images, either as a whole or in parts, for any purpose, please contact me (I am the copyright owner), and I will put you in touch with Mr. Sylvester who has the Hi-res image.

There is another very large web archive of the story and the original, contemporary images on which the mural is based- all solid history and well worth a study! - here.

  The Ulverston Festivals Mural 2007
This fairly massive mural ( 70 feet long and 12 feet high) completed in July after a famously wet summer
with the able assistance of many Ulverstonians, young and old, shows ALL the town's umpteen festivals in exuberant splendour. The Pantomime Horse Race is my personal favourite bit. In January 2010 it still looks sparkling as new. FREE Postcards are available from many outlets, including the TIO in the Coronation Hall. Tremendous thanks to all who helped to make it happen, specially Jayne Kendall .

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