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TECH SPECS:All these images are taken from original paintings in acrylic or gouache by me, Gill Barron, (born Cairo Egypt 19.9.1949) and are shown here as Jpegs. If you'd like to purchase an original, or order a print please contact me by phone or email. Prints (on best paper) cost around £30, including postage, originals range from £115 to £800. By buying direct from the Artist- studio prices- you get the work for around half the price it would cost in a gallery. Sometimes I can do a deal or take payments in instalments.
I also have 18+ different
postcards available at 50p each. GOUACHE paintings may be framed or unframed. All ACRYLIC paintings are on plywood, reinforced with 2"x1" or 2x2 timber with a narrow hardwood edging frame, usually painted black . They are much sturdier than oils-on-canvas and quite safe to send by post to anywhere. (Postage in Britain free, abroad e.g Australia or USA costs about £40.)

  • VIEWING: If you're in the Bentham area (between Lancaster & Settle, N. Yorks, about 12 miles from Junction 34 of the M6) why not phone me - 015242 62284 - and arrange a studio visit. Dozens of paintings & prints to browse, a cup of rather rubbish coffee, no obligation to buy. Always glad to meet people who like looking at paintings.
  • THE BOOK. The famous book. By me, supposedly. Rubbish Title: Acrylic Secrets: 300 Tips and techniques for painting the easy way. Bah humbug. What was wrong with 300 blahblahs for Making Better Paintings? The publisher is Reader's Digest & there are USA, Canadian & Australian editions and probably a UK one too. I wrote it for ambitious amateurs but it's been dumbed down a lot - RD assuming all would-be painters are doddering old hobbyists. You have been warned. Borrow from the library before shelling out your hard-earned cash. Nor am I responsible for the hideous buns on page 141. Publication : approx August 09
  • THE ULVERSTON FESTIVALS MURAL, South Cumbria. My biggest painting so far (70 ft x 12 ) is now 2 yrs old but looks shiny-new and is SO entertaining, featuring the 37 annual festivals of this extraordinary charming town also blessed with dozens of quirky delightful cafes. Postcards too.
    Commissions: I welcome enquiries . Almost any subject, portraits (but see Charlie Pryor link, right, first) , illustrations, or graphics, advertising artwork in poster or postcard formats, exhibition banners & pop-ups, sign designs or logos, but specially murals. Previous clients include Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Co., Tate Liverpool, Regional Railways North-East, Bentham Development Trust, Connections Cumbria, Wigtown Booktown Co., Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Vidaverde Rare Crop Centre, Pioneer Projects/Celebratory Arts Ltd, Growing with Grace Ltd, the Local Heritage Initiative, North Yorkshire County Council Economic Development Unit, The Market Towns Initiative, Cumbria CC & Ulverston Town Council, The FRED project, Sedbergh Book Town, etc etc and lots of private individuals.
  • I also exhibit lots all over the place, list available with CV on request. Need an instant exhibition? My fab and funny India paintings show, ACHCHHA! is available at short notice, complete with ace poster, press releases etc.
  • Illustrations, Reproductions, Copyright. Please be aware that I retain copyright in all my work, sold or unsold, and the purchase of a work does not confer repro rights on the purchaser. Similarly work commissioned for a specific use must not be put to other uses without a further fee being paid. This is standard practice. And I am a part-time Rottweiler.
  • OLD NEWS: In August 2003 ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND gave me a research & travel grant. Thank you Arts Council. I went to Limassol Studios, Cyprus Nov/Dec 03 and then back to India in 2005/6 resulting in the ACHCHHA! exhibition.
  • ELECTED to the SOCIETY of BOTANICAL ARTISTS March 04. Resigned March 05, in a dispute over the cost of tea-party tickets (£120!) they are silly old twits, alas. So I'm an SBA(ex)
  • ANOTHER BUS SHELTER MURAL ! This one, starring two giant newts dancing the tango in a flurry of asstd. pond life is located at the southern end of Windermere, at New(t)by Bridge. Commissioned by the FRED project ("an art explosion all over Cumbria")
  • SUNDRY PUBLICATIONS: Look out for the two brochures about Bentham in tourist places all over the North of England. Take lots and give to friends. Full of my pictures. Nice.
  • The BENTHAM HERITAGE TRAIL - with 54 illustrations and a lot of bad jokes all by me - can be virtually enjoyed without any mud on this spectacularly innovative, ingenious & entertaining website:
    Anita Davis of Utah U.S.A. who spotted the frog and got a free print (and so could you.) And so did Jude Worthington in Hungary - marvellous!! Keep 'em coming! P.S. The spot-the-frog contest is now officially over but if you spot it, well, try me anyway.
  • emails welcome - I will reply. gill@ipaint.org.uk
    Please let me know how you found this website, it's really useful information.

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(UK) 015242 62284

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