Botany & Gardens
 Elected to membership of the SOCIETY of BOTANICAL ARTISTS, 2004

King Ramson. Spring 2009 . Hesketh Wood, Cumbria.
Acrylic on plywood 18 ins square. One of a series about life in the woods which I'm working on.
I would be working on it faster if Spring would just last a bit longer, dammit.
and here's another ... "Albert's Oxlip" 18 x 18 ins acrylic on wood. This is a view of the back of the Charcoal Burner's camp in Hesketh Wood. Albert is my good friend now aged 91 but still with a keen eye for a plant. This lone Oxlip comes up year after year in the same spot, often kicked over by deer, but this spring I caught it just in time.

Flora Karnataka*2: Candle Cassia.
Jan. 2003 Gouache on black paper. 18 x 26 cms.
Painted on the spot in South India, never mind ants, buffaloes, children, rickshaws, pilgrims, ting ting bicycles, mozzies........ Shown at the SOCIETY OF BOTANICAL ARTISTS May 03
£ 215 (framed)

 Oleander Sapling
Oleander Sapling,Andalucia
Gouache on paper 1998 13" x 8"
£235 (framed)
 Terrace Gardens, Andalucia
Gouache on paper 12"x9" 1999 £165
   In Snakey Woods, Easter. 1998
Acrylic on wood. Exhib. SWA, London 2000
24" x 30" £750
In Snakey Woods

The Palm Tree at La Mela
Gouache on paper 1999 11" x 8"
£315 (framed)

The Pumpkin Jungle (2002)
Acrylic on wood 20" x 20" £425

exhibition Westminster Gallery London SW1 May 2003-
prints available

Gardens at Los Molinos (Almeria) 1999
Gouache on paper 12" x 9" £175 (framed)


A Flourish of Turnips (The Packing Shed) 2002
Acrylic on wood 24" x 24" £800

 Detail from Bus Shelter Mural (22ft x 7ft) illustrating 67 species of British Mushrooms & Toadstools. 2000. NFS but I'd happily paint it again, in your dining room perhaps.  
Compost Cornucopia
a.k.a. Still Life- but only Just.
2002 Gouache on paper 29 x 25 cms
Framed (and totally organic) £225.
SOLD at SBA 04