On Newby Moor
Gouache 2005

These two paintings are in the "Connections: Artists and Writers in Craven"
exhibition at the Folly in Settle (NorthYorks) SOLD

Fowgill in Spring
Gouache 2005 SOLD

 Somebody's Party
Gouache on paper 2002 26 x 26 cms £ 225 (framed)

Dandelions (2002)
(Turner's Field, Bentham)
 Gouache on paper 22 x 26 cms £235 (framed)
Yorkshire Dales: Clapham Verges in August
Gouache on paper 2001 20 x 20 cms £195 (framed)

The River Greta & Burton in Lonsdale (Early morning)
Gouache on paper 2002 24 x 20 cms £220 (framed) SOLD

Suddenly, the Sun. (Aka: "I Like to Dream I'm in the South of France")
Acrylic/wood 26x38 ins.1990/2002£275

Ingleborough, August.

Acrylic on wood panel 2007 18 x 18 inches.

Not a good photo, sorry. Stunning painting though.

 The Canal, Evening.
Gouache on paper 24 x 24 cms 2002 £140 (unframed) SOLD

Another, later version of this - acrylic on wood 18" x 18" is available - January 2010. Contact me if interested.

A small number of prints (taken direct from the original) are available for most of the sold paintings,
For MORE PAINTINGS on similar subjects, go to the "Bentham" and "Cumbria & Lakes" pages.
And of course originals and prints from another Yorkshire artwork: www.benthamheritage.net

 The Beck in Summer.
Gouache on paper 2000 36 x 21 cms. £145 (unframed) SOLD