Signs and Sculpture

Classical or funky, traditional or wholly original, a good sign attracts people by stimulating their curiosity and sense of fun. In this age of computer- generated 'perfection', the venerable craft of signwriting 'freehand', (in all weathers and wobbly conditions, see right) still can't be beat on the street for eye-catching effects. I like to say yes, no job too large or small, grand or humble. But you'll have to bribe me.

Update: Feb 05. Signwriting? I'm trying to give it up. Instead am making more & more funky cloth sculptures. Loads of new pics further down the page. But I still love the alphabet and am working on some new fonts, there's one at the very end.




recently repainted in green, minus the bobbles

Giant dragonfly (about 1 metre) for a Nature Park installation. Also 6 lillypads that float without water. Levitating art? Yes actually.

Toy pond for a playgroup. There are 5 layers, including scum
and frisky tadpoles. The frogs have bathing costumes....

Funky fire fairy frock. Also in Earth, Air and Water versions.

Big writing, to be read from a distance. This one is close to the A65 at Clapham, North Yorks. One of a large set, including Shop Open/Closed, carpark& toilet signage, and these.......

Early Warning Carrots

and flying carrots too.

Lettering on sheet copper, mounted as panels on wood. Can be enamelled. Very stylish chunky rustic lettering carved in local stone also available, just email me.


Carrot luggage? They wouldn't let me
on the bus. This is one of a pair of carrot
gateposts (with stands) for a roadside
entrance. They were both stolen. So next
time I made pumpkins.

 Scale model of Ingleborough, our local mountain. The real thing can just be seen in the distance.

One of 15 "surprise steppingstones" for a playgroup. This one has 3 pop-up worms,
each 2 ft. long. Another was a giant squeaking
biscuit. An erupting volcano. Plus 12 more.

Controversial slogan banners in 3-D
This one made sense at the time.

 Banners can put a message across with or without words. This one is"Starlight Robbery", commissioned by Celebratory Arts for an electricity substation. (7ft.sq.)

My Happy Winter card for 2004. The lettering is a font
of my own devising, I call it "Fougasse" after the 1940's
doodle-master. The words are by Roy Fuller c. 1939.