Postcards and Posters
 Here's a random selection of my postcards, all printed by the excellent Postcard Company ( Graham & Sons Printers) of Omagh, Northern Ireland. Email them for a brochure & free samples.

You too could have an original postcard designed by me, lots cheaper than you think. This is the deal: 1000 postcards cost, to print, £129.25 including VAT & postage. They are top quality 6" x 4" laminated (shiny) cards, with whatever blurb you want on the back. My fee is £200 plus 100 cards. This includes the original of the artwork ( approx A3 size) AND the copyright - so you can do what ever you like with the image, make it into teatowels or beermats or wallpaper. A deal so good it's slightly insane. Please email or phone me to discuss. I can also set photos into interesting backgrounds with stylish lettering etc (for a much smaller fee) and generally make your postcard into one that 's outstanding, so people want to keep it and stick it on the fridge for all to see.


The pair to the cider label on the front page. Both are scrumptious.
I enjoy designing this sort of thing, for small-scale agricultural sort of people,
so don't be shy to ask.

 Four new postcards starring The Peasant Evolution Producers' Co-operative based at beautiful Fivepenny Farm, Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset are now available, pictures below, bottom of page. Persevere!

How can I paint the flavour of their jams? Their sausages? Their ineffable cider? (Not sure what "ineffable" means but try saying that after a pint of Tinker's Bubble Original ... )

  If you fancy some scything - not just the world's greenest and quietest lawnmower, but jolly good exercise too, you can go to
 The postcard above is available from THE LAND magazine, [] only 20p each, min order 10. Why not subscribe to this truly excellent mag while you're about it? Anyone who hates the British planning system for its strangulation of the very roots of all creative living in this country and / or just wants to live in a nice shed needs to read this magazine.... meanwhile, go to
The Land is Ours

This one hasn't been printed (yet?) ; the book, by Adrian Horn (
was published by Manchester University Press in Autumn 2008

Two theatre posters from August 08 - Flying Pram is a postcard too.

2 Posters for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
A1 size Gouache 2002. The centre roundel was exhib. at Soc. Botanical Artists London 2003 and is available, very nicely framed, see shop page.
Yes, this one's a postcard too.
Smardale is near Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

This poster, original 2ft x 3ft, was printed as a 6" x 4" postcard for the Wigtown Booktown Co, the message being "Put your feet up...with a good book "etc. The original now hangs in ReadingLasses Bookshop - ace books, cafe, and sofas where you can do just that.
2 other originals (posters) from the "Kick off your Shoes along the Solway Coast" series are also available, unframed, £150 the pair.

Blurb: "Combining a social occasion, local fundraiser, and affordable shopping with a chance to satisfy the hunting instinct, jumble sales help to sustain a traditional way of life in rural communities"
Available from me at 30p each, min. order 30.

These posters (reproduced on GRP) are at each end of the Reserve, 4 miles apart. A grand walk. The red one is not yet a postcard but I live in hope.

6" x 4" postcard from CWT, Plumgarths, Kendal, or the A3 gouache original from me £145.

a postcard for GwG, Clapham (2004)

There are several more postcards on the
BENTHAM page, featuring Bonfire Nights,
bus shelters and other brouhahahs.
Not forgetting this gorgeous item, now sadly out of print ... For the Vidaverde Rare Crop Centre, Sorbas. Almeria .



And here are the charmin' llamas who used to be on the front page ... see them for real on their very own website (see top of postcard)


 So... wowee... Ye who have floundered on this far shall now be rewarded ... the famous PEP Co-op postcards in all their mad agricultural glory. Oink! I say unto you, Moo! Cluck! Clip clop!
Glugggg.... look 'em up soon (website under construction) at