Gallery - A Preview.

Patterdale Meadow. Acrylic 2006.


High Summer - Nutgill. July 06. 30 x 30 ins.
 Red Spots
The paintings on this page are all ones that people have already bought, but on subjects which still interest me, so I could be commissioned to paint others quite like them.
They also give some idea of what you'll find on the next ten pages - links on the right.
Bon Voyage!

The Meadow at Meathop. Acrylic 2002.


A Pumpkin Jungle.
Acrylic on wood panel 2002
Sold at the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition,
London SW1

Agaves & Ruins (Almeria)
Gouache on paper 24x24cms painted 1999

Asleep in the afternoon- a self portrait.
Bought by a scientist who writes about sleep

1997 Acrylic 25"x 25".
  Shown at the Society of Women Artists, SW1 2000
Woodland Fungi: Amethyst Deceivers
Gouache 2001 20x33cm Prints £35



A Kitchen Table (1999)
Gouache 27x27cms.
Prints available £35

Greenhouses #4: Girl in a Hammock
Gouache 2002 21x21cms.




Red Boat in the Rain (Ullswater) 2002 Acrylic.
This painting is now being coool in a hot dry place (Australia)

Library Lady
A Yorkshire Library (1999)
Acrylic on plywood 36" x 24"

Hawksbit and Foxtail (Grass in June) Sold at the Garden of Eden Gallery, London W8