Thanks to a travel grant from Arts Council England I spent November & December 2003 in Limassol, Cyprus, staying in a derelict cinema in the scrapyard part of town . Some fairly strange urban landscapes caught my eye, including these Plasticine gates ( wait for it! ): OK so if that didn't work, please scroll down the page ....

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 Apparently some people can't see the gorgeous animation aka anfy applet bookflip,above, so here are the pictures separately ...and some extras. All are
(Nov 07) for sale by the way. All gouache on black paper. Details below.

 above, left:
Under the Tangerine Tree
£350 framed.

above, right:
Mysterious Windows
£350 framed

left: The Plasticine Gates, Lemesos.
(detail) £350

right: Edge of Europe
£425 framed

Below left: Artemis Sweeping
£475 framed





The Studio Balcony, Cyprus: £190 unframed.

 Actually there are more but I can't find the photos to scan. Oh well. Too much stuff.