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Hallo! Enjoy a jolly ramble through
this "overgrown shrubbery on the outer fringes of Art"
or "shambolic subcontinent of a website"
to quote some of iPaint's voluminous fanmail.

Aha! I've finally got the hang of DreamWeaver
and no longer have to travel 300 miles
to update this website.
So expect more changes, more often.

I now have the honour to be one of the Editors of that
highly respected
brilliantly illustrated, and widely influential
(if a bit occasional) publication
The Land Magazine


This is a new(ish) Scottish Winter painting, "Reedmace, February" It's 30 x 30 inches with a walnut edge, very lovely, and £450. It coincided with the Sea Buckthorn original below, which is sold already.

For a bit more refreshment
I've added lots of colourful new
material to the murals page.

Please do re-visit from time to time
- there's lots here to goggle at
you probably missed a few bits
and plenty of paintings are still available to buy
including several not shown here.

If you need me urgently
preferably for some form of bribery call
07909 15 48 24
Email is better.

Everyone needs to read this crucial book.
Order through your public library and get a copy in circulation.
This is the American edition with cover by me.
The British one only has one pig.


iPaint is
120 + funky original paintings of the
whole w
orld, almost. I'm working on it.


The Plasticine Gates

see "Cyprus" and "Andalucia" pages
for more suchlovely winter sunshine
way cheaperthan a package holiday
better for your concience and much more long-lasting.
And then do pop across to India ....

The link to Tom Lloyd's now very celebrated film
Live Before You Die, with words by
me, is now on the "Animals" page. Don't miss it.

Yes folks, I've got a proper job at last-
as the Ornamental Hermit of a fine
Gothic establishment in deepest Dorset. This photo shows a previous
incarnation of my yurt, now rebuilt
a bit more spaciously.
The simple life is splendid
but the paintings do have to be small.