Using tools


Use a diamond pad to sharpen and condition tungsten tools. Although you can use a diamond pad for other things, such as sharpening pocket knives ect I do not recommend them for sharpening your firesharp chisels. Always use your diamond pad with plenty of water. If the tape does start to peel off, glue it back.

The diamond pad has a coarse strip and a fine strip, the course strip is good for getting the 'shoulders' of the chisel into shape, the fine for honing the tip. What you can't see in the picture is that I am gently pushing the chisel away from me, once and then I turn the chisel over and push again. Once my chisels are sharp a few strokes now and then should keep them that way. When I do sharpen them, I always make sure the pad is nice and wet. After sharpening I will wipe them dry.